Magic Inspired LivingImagine the possibilities of more time and freedom.

Today is your day to get serious about your life and work towards that dream that you believed to be unattainable. My name is Vee G and I would have never thought that a trip to Venice over the summer was possible a year ago, but there I was basking in the beautiful rays and enjoying the grandiose view. Matter of fact, I made drastic changes in my life in 2017 leading up to the trip which allowed me to expand my mind and change my life’s trajectory.

What if…the question asked of ourselves secretly or openly. The only way of answering this question honestly is by doing, taking action. Few have taken the time and energy to invest in their dreams or desires according to the 2% which is considered wealthy. Everyone has something to bring to the table, but few step up to actually make those dreams a reality. As long as we have breath we will always come against opposition in our lives. What do you do when you experience opposition?

More time and freedom will require that you go against the grain of what the masses are doing, and find your own path. When you go against a strong current, there’s a force or opposition pushing you back, but if you stand fast and continue to move one step at a time you can gradually make ground. Many give up in those times of opposition misinterpreting the process. How does anyone know? You know because something inside of you won’t rest until you take a step, you constantly have it in the back of your mind prompting you to move forward. It’s not rocket science, get up and move!

You can even get farther if you have the support of others’ who share your tenacity to push through. Surrounding yourself with people who can support you and encourage, also called your tribe, will keep you growing hopefully in the right direction. Choose wisely.


This website is dedicated to all the people who continue to push through. It is, “A Grand New Day” every day you have breath, make it count. Keep moving and growing!