True Love

Love Story

What a wonderful day! I had a great time sharing my God-given gifts with others today. It energized my spirit and helped me to regain focus. There’s much happening in the world we live in and it will continue to grow darker as foretold in the Word of God but we can continue to shine in the midst of evil together. Be encouraged.

Walking with Christ is exciting and became much more once I let go and trust the process. I put my trust in Christ because for me there is no other. Men may fail us, but He does not. My walk began as a 12-year-old when I asked Him to come into my life as I accepted the free gift of salvation. This is when my love story began, the day I was introduced to the One who would never leave me nor forsake me being there in the good and bad times. He is always there watching and guiding because He lives through those who know Him.

I can stand today because I have a Savior who I can lean on. Through prayer, I learn who He is and I learn about myself in Him. I don’t need to dwell on the past, but I can be confident of a future living for Him. If you need help today, then open the door. He’s just a prayer away.

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for dying on the cross for me. You gave your life so that I might live on in You. You bore stripes and was beaten so that I am set free from sin and death and that I would live forever in You. Please forgive me of my sins Lord. I repent and ask you to come into my life and make me whole. I accept and receive your free gift of salvation today and ask that you take my life and make something of it. I am yours today as I turn away from sin and by faith, I am set free! Thank you, Jesus! Amen.

If you prayed this powerful prayer of salvation then we believe that you have accepted Christ as your Saviour and turned away from living a life of sin. Get ready, and watch God do amazing work through you. Pray and ask the Lord to direct you to where you can go to grow in the Lord and surround yourself with other Believers. Your journey is just beginning.

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